Laundry Equipment by Electrolux

Electrolux company produces a wide range of modern, high-quality equipment that is used for laundries and dry cleaners to automate all processes in the process of washing or drying clothes. Modern equipment used for washings is a complex “smart” mechanism, equipped with various functions, created in high-tech manufacturing conditions, which is what Electrolux is a recognized leader in the world market among manufacturers of laundry equipment and the development of other technical solutions.

Electrolux team is always ready to help you

Our equipment created by professionals, among whom are engineers and technologists who make the most of all the achievements of scientific and technological progress and take into account the wishes of all users, continually improving our products. You can see the reviews about us and make sure that Electrolux commercial laundry washing machines are unique and highly efficient, meeting modern technical standards, without harming the environment and do not have analogs in the market. Also, they do not consume much energy, roomy and comfortable to use. Electrolux has been successfully manufacturing laundry equipment for more than 20 years. In each case our managers will provide you with high-quality technical customer support. We offer you different types of laundry solutions and help take your business to a new level because you are investing in yourself. Our laundry equipment is designed to reduce your operating costs by significantly reducing energy and water costs.

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