How to Wear Perfume in Summer?

Perfume contains the highest percentage of fragrance. When heated, it gets only stronger, so keep it in mind when choosing a fragrance for summer. It’ll be a great idea to pick a lighter one like eau de toilette, mist or scented spray.

Which perfumes are good for summer

When you choose a fragrance, you should think of the weather. Clearly, some scents (like warm and spicy) are better for cold weather. In summer, however, you should take a closer look at fresh scents inspired by nature. Find your perfect citrus or fruity scent or discover the oceanic and woody ones. Summer is also great for light floral fragrances that contain magnolia, jasmine, peony, etc. Take a look at such fragrances as Escada Turquoise Summer, Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden, etc.

How to make it last longer?

When you choose your perfume, it’s also important to know how to keep it on. For instance, you prefer aqui inspired scents. You should learn to layer the fragrance and it’ll last all day. Here’s what you’ll need: shower gel, body lotion and the fragrance itself. It’ll be great if all the products belong to one line and smell the same. This way, by applying each product, you’ll layer them on your body. In addition, any perfume lasts longer if it’s applied on the moisturized skin. So keep it in mind as well and in case you don’t have the same body lotion, you can use fragrance-free moisturizer before you apply your perfume.