Gel polish manicure. Useful tips

Gel polish is a great invention that helps women not to worry about their manicure for a few weeks and more. But it’s only in case if each step of gel polish manicure was made correctly.


  1. Nails absorb moisture.

The nail plate looks like a sponge under the microscope; its porous surface absorbs moisture greedily. Therefore, it is obligatory to degrease the nail plate carefully before gel polish covering or nail extension. Otherwise, beauty will disappear very quickly.

  1. There are several types of nails.

Not only skin but also nails can be dry or oily and as a rule, their types coincide. On the oily nail plates, any coating is not kept well. But you can correct it by using a double layer base.

  1. Base, polish and top of one brand work together.

The coating will be kept better if all the materials are of the same brand. It is assumed that their components “hold each other”. And don’t forget about the quality of the materials. kodiprofessional will be a great choice.

  1. Sea salt dries nails.

We all know about the sea salt bath. But this method works at home once a week. If you are going to have everyday contact with sea salt, such coating as gel polish will help your nails very much.

  1. Polishes with glitter are kept longer.

The same rule applies to coatings with “metallic” effect. Sometimes, they are hardly removed even with professional nail polish remover. But with such manicure, you won’t worry about chipping.