How to establish a Branch in Switzerland

One of the stages of the establishment of an official branch is its registration in the Swiss Register of Companies. To know more, please visit

On the side of the parent company, it is necessary to provide some documentation needed to register the branch, which includes:

  • Identification data of the parent company and its registration certificate,
  • Information on the share capital, number, and types of shares of the board of directors meeting, official representatives who will manage the branch.

Besides, you may need to provide additional documents, including:

  • A certified copy of the charter of the parent company, certified as required by law;
  • A document confirming the registration of the parent’s company in the Commercial Register;
  • A paper mentioned necessary information about the members of the board of directors, where at least one of whom has a residence in Switzerland and others.

In necessary, these documents can be translated into another language.

Another important point is that if the host country of the parent company (resident) has entered into an agreement with Switzerland on the absence of double taxation, this exempts from paying such tax in the process of registering a branch. You will also need to register with the Swiss Federal Tax Administration for value added tax purposes.