Decide Your Next Move Wisely, Use Best Chess Move Application

Which websites do best chess move support?

There are numerous websites where best chess move application works. Some of them are,,,,,, and many more.

What platforms is best chess move available for?

Currently, the only platform that best chess move supports is Windows. There hasn’t been any announcement for other platforms like Linux, Android, iOS, or Mac OS. Though, this application can be used on Mac using Parallels.


  1. Is the registration available on multiple devices?

Ans. Yes! After you purchase the full version of the application, the application key that you get can be used to activate the application on an unlimited number of devices. But only on one device simultaneously. Sharing of registration key is strictly prohibited and can lead to a permanent ban of the key and no refund will be initiated in this case.

  1. What are the modes of payment that the site supports?

Ans. The site supports transactions through PayPal only, no other means. Though, there is an option for using credit cards if you are a guest user.

  1. The app doesn’t work? How to fix this?

Ans. If you notice that the best chess move application is not working properly, you can follow the troubleshoot options given below, or check the troubleshooting page in the website to look for a specific problem.

  • For better stability and support, it is recommended to use the Chrome browser only.
  • Keep the browser’s scaling to default, that is, 100%.
  • Hide the bookmarks panel in your browser, this hinders the app functions sometimes.
  • Check the PC’s display configuration, change it to default settings if not done.

If you are still having problems after following these methods, take a screenshot of your issue and post it to the ‘contact support’ tab inside the site.